digital marketing problems

Digital marketing has always been a challenge ever since it was introduced to the public. Yahoo, Bing and later Google started providing a marketing platform years ago and marketers have had problems integrating it to their service. Then came the rise of the digital marketers who were able to use traditional marketing strategies but tweaked on to the internet. Creating a whole new profession.

The profession bloomed due to new technologies and more people were able to trust using the internet for e-commerce. There led to a rush of new digital marketers trying to stake a claim and profit of the industry. And ever since then many people and business have joined to make the most of the internet revolution.
Although very few people and business are aware of the pitfalls of digital marketing. This leads to them wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on the internet trying to sell their products or services. With 6 years of experience as a digital marketer, here are ways newbies lose money on the internet.

Clicks are expensive

Early in the 2000s there were digital marketers who were paying $0.01 per click in certain industries. Those were the good old days, nowadays clicks are going for ten times as much just to appear on the bottom of the page. Moreover clicks are more expensive on different devices. Advertisers often have to grapple with the CPC on mobile as opposed to table and desktop devices.


digital marketing problems

All the paid platforms are using automation to make their services easier to use for beginners as well as advanced users. Automation or machine learning does help marketing faster and more efficient but there isn’t enough education to know how to use it properly. For example, Google Ads lets advertisers use Maximize Conversions. This feature lets the Google Ads system get conversions for the advertisers with little input from them. It works well most of the time but it only works if the advertisers have had more than 20 conversions in a 30 day period. If there aren’t as many conversions then the system will eat up all the available budget.

​Mistakes are Costly

As experienced advertisers, there are times I have forgotten to turn off ads or stop running an experiment and it lead to me losing thousands of dollars. There is no way of telling Google or Facebook that you had forgotten to do something and you need your or agency money back.
New advertisers and business getting started to use google ads for the first time always find that they are paying a lot to learn how online advertising works.


Digital marketing was meant to level the playing field between larger companies and smaller companies. Unfortunately, this isn’t so as larger companies have more advertising dollars and this means they raise the cost per click and have their ads seen more than their competitors. The larger competitors raise the bar too higher for the smaller ones. Smaller companies and start-ups struggle to compete with this.


Digital marketing can be a horrendous and expensive affair but with the right help from credible digital marketing agencies then it would be a walk in the park. Contact us for proper agency needs.



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