Blogger Matt Watson created an explainer video showing how searching for certain girl items on YouTube can lead a person to see videos of children.

These children videos are used by predators to sexually exploit young girls.
Mr. Watson shows pedophiles in the comment section choosing certain timestamps showing the girls in compromising poses. For example, girls doing gymnastics in front of a mirror. The videos by themselves are not pornographic in nature.
Matt shows that YouTube’s algorithm isn’t working well as if users click on a video like that it populates other videos of the same nature. These allow the pedophiles to take advantage of the error and comment on many videos
A solution to this was provided by YouTube in 2017 is to disable all comments on the children’s video. But sadly they aren’t able to do it effectively so far.
As a result, major companies like Disney, Epic Games (makers of Fortnight) Nestle, and Dr. August Oetker KG have stopped using YouTube Ads for their marketing.


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