Google Ads Campaign Structure

The most important thing to remember when developing your AdWords structure is that organization is key to making the most of your PPC account. Account structure and organization will affect your quality score and dictate how your account performs as a whole on the search engines.

Choosing Your Campaigns and Ad Groups

There are many ways to create a useful account structure. Your campaigns should be segmented by higher-level ideas so that you can drill down into more tightly themed ad groups and keywords. Consider the following ways to segment your campaigns

  • Based on the products and services you offer
  • Based on geographical location
  • Based on performance and bidding
  • Based on brand names vs. generic names
  • Based on the seasonality of your service or product
  • Based on keyword match types (you can also segment this way on an ad group level too.)

Make sure that your ad groups follow suit and are relevant to the campaigns you have chosen. The point is to make your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads all relevant to each other within your structure.
It is a good rule of thumb to have around 3 to 5 ad groups per campaign so that they remain easily manageable. You can always create more concentrated campaigns and ad groups. Do remember that the more concentrated and organized your structure is, the better your account will perform overall.

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