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The first things seen on the AdWords dashboard are:
Home – a Snapshot of what the account is doing
Campaigns – The campaigns being run and managing them
Tools – where you have access to the keyword tool, ad preview and Conversions
Reports – coming up with various reports for different campaigns
Opportunities – this is where Google provides you with tips to improve the work you are doing.

Google Ads Dashboard

​This is the centre console of Google Ads where all the metrics can be found.
Campaigns – provides information of all the campaigns
Ad groups – provides information of how the ads are performing
Keywords – provides information of how the keywords are doing.
Ad extensions – it shows how various extensions like call, sitelinks and callouts are doing
Dimension – give you metrics of the ad groups and campaigns.
Date range – the time period you are trying to measure
All but removed campaigns – shows all the campaigns that are running.
Segment – it’s used to breakdown the various statistics
Filter – blocks out irrelevant information helping you to drill down deeply into the information.
View Change History – it shows you all the changes that were made in the past to the campaigns, ads and keywords


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Quality Score: What It Means To You - Mukuba Consultancy Services · September 11, 2020 at 12:48 pm

[…] the performance of your account. This metric like the account level QS can’t be found on the Google Ads dashboard. Although it can be calculated by finding out the average QS of all the keywords in each ad […]

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