Google vs Facebook Ads

How do you choose which is the best marketing platform for your business to make the most of your advertising spend? Given that both companies account for 85% of online ads. As an online marketer it is normally hard decide to which one of the two you should invest in or if you would go with both of them. Here are a couple of reasons on why you should choose one over the other or use both:

Marketing objective

Facebook ads are better if you are looking to build awareness, drive engagement and promoting events. While on the other hand Google AdWords are great for increasing sales and acquiring leads. The reasoning behind this is that very few people go to Facebook to buy anything but they end up spending money on the spur of the moment. Alternatively when people are searching for a product to buy they use google. Which makes google better for sales.

When talking about brand awareness and driving engagement, Facebook is better because this is where people go to look for new stories, ideas and ways to kill time.

New Products or Service

If you have a new product or getting into a new market, Facebook is the way to go because people don’t know what you are selling and they prefer to get from trusted brands? With Facebook, you can build your brand and get clients more interested in what you are selling.



Google ads budget

From my experience, Facebook has a lower CPC (cost per Click) but alternatively, it has a higher CPA (cost per acquisition). When choosing either of the platforms you should consider how it will affect your bottom line.


Google Ads audience

Facebook ads’ advantage over Google AdWords is that it has a very detailed targeting option due to a large amount of information it has on its users. One can target age, income, location, gender interests and a whole lot more.

Google has ways of targeting users using different ways but it has proven not to be as dynamic as the way Facebook does it.


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