Local hotel bookings at the Coast are expected to drop by at least 10 per cent this festive season compared to last year on tough economic times, a sector lobby group has projected.

Majority of hotels have reported average bookings of 70-80 per cent in November going into December, compared to 90 per cent last year.

“Last year at this time some hotels were fully booked, but what we are seeing this time is that people are struggling. People have reduced spending on leisure something expected to affect bookings. The country’s economy is generally not doing very well,” KAHC executive officer Sam Ikwaye told the Star.

International tourists’ trends however remain positive on increased charter flights to the region, mainly from Europe, Ikwaye said.

Twiga Tours yesterday noted a number of hotels have been forced to reduce room prices to attract bookings.

“Hotel rooms are cheaper compared to last year,” said Rahim Manji, director Twiga Tours.


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