This video considers how Facebook PR has changed in the last few weeks. it shows how the social network has acted negatively in the past. It shows how the social media compay was involved in:

  • Myanmar,
  • the storming of the Capitol building in Washington,
  • the company’s decision to block news in Australia.

In all these instances, the American company has been used as a tool to spread hate, promote violence and manipulate a country. The question is now how do governments control the influence Facebook has?

Solutions coming from Britain and the US is to break the company into smaller ones and limiting the citizenry from using it.

The founder of the company acknowledges the role the company played in these 3 instances and claims that the company should do more. In its part, the company has blocked a couple of the pages for the Former US president, Donald Trump and Myanmar army.

To many this feels to little too late as the company should have been proactive to avoid such instances.

It is yet to be seen what will happen to Facebook in the future but things will have to change to reduce the influence it has on the world.

Digital marketers will have to look careful into this and see how it will affect how business is done in the future


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