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Google is currently testing this on a small percentage of traffic with select retailers, surfacing on broad queries like “home office ideas”, “shower tile designs”, and “abstract art”.

Let’s say a shopper is searching for home office ideas on her mobile device or desktop and goes to Google Images to explore ideas around how to organize her room. She can scroll through the images, hover over any sponsored ad with the price tag, and see the items for sale in the image — along with prices, the brand, and more. We’ll continue to roll this out to more categories across more retailers over the next few months.

Moreover, advertisers have been benefiting from Showcase Shopping ads, which lets advertisers promote their brand and products through beautiful imagery, descriptions, and relevant promotions. Since launch, thousands of retailers and brands in 17 countries are running Showcase Shopping ads to reach new customers in their inspiration phase. Now, we’re bringing Showcase Shopping ads to Google Images as well, offering shoppers a more inspirational and rich visual experience.

And last month, Google shared that we’re expanding Merchant Center as a platform to power shopping experiences beyond advertising on surfaces across Google. Now, in addition to using markup solutions that Google has long had available, retailers can provide product data to Google, free of charge, so that Google can start showing more of advertisers’ product information to potential shoppers.

Today’s consumers are interacting with Google across a multitude of touchpoints, searching and asking for ideas. To help inspire them, Google is continually thinking of ways to create better shopping experiences.

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