Google AdWords Cost

Google Ads Costs Are Affected By These 9 Things

Google Ads costs is a thing that is on the mind of every digital marketer. There are many times as a seasoned digital marketer I find myself asking how come I have spent so much money on Google Ads this month or week.

In order for me to solve the problem of where my budget went, I usually rush to the keywords and see which of them is misbehaving. When I find the culprit(s) I immediately take action to see what made it go so high. Although there are times I can’t find out why and hence I came up with this blog post to help other digital consultants to find out why their costs of Google has gone up.


Google ads Dashboard

Google Ads Dashboard

Google ads







The first things seen on the AdWords dashboard are:
Home – a Snapshot of what the account is doing
Campaigns – The campaigns being run and managing them
Tools – where you have access to the keyword tool, ad preview and Conversions
Reports – coming up with various reports for different campaigns
Opportunities – this is where Google provides you with tips to improve the work you are doing.