The Ultimate Guide to Backlink Building for SEO in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Backlink Building for SEO in 2023

Backlink Building guide for SEO in 2023. Backlinks are still the major factors determining SERP positions in SEO for this year, 2023. The search engines such as Google view quality backlinks as a vote of confidence for your website and may raise its ranking accordingly.

Develop a perfect backlink strategy to drive traffic and improve your online presence by following our complete guide for backlink building.

What is a Backlink?

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In simple terms, a backlink is just a link from one site to another. Backlinks pointing to your website come in two main forms:

  1. External Backlinks

They are links to your site’s pages from other web pages. More quality external backlinks will result in more authority in Google’s eyes.

  1. Internal Backlinks

These are inter-page links to your site. Internal linking works in that way, Google can crawl your site more effectively.

Backlinks are like votes – they demonstrate that other sites think your content is useful and important. Google’s algorithm looks at backlink profiles in order to gauge how important and credible a site is.

Links coming from credible relevant websites will help in elevating your search position.

What makes backlinks important in SEO.


Google considers one of the most powerful factors, in backlinks. Here’s why they matter so much:

Boost Rankings in Search Engines

Having more backlinks from authoritative sites signifies to Google that you have relevant, credible content. Having a healthy backlink profile will help in improving your SERPS ranking scores and search visibility.

Linking with reliable sites shows your content is perceived as valuable and genuine by your peers. A site is considered valuable if it has been linked to by experts in their fields including those recommended by Google.

Therefore, the more votes of confidence your site receives via links, the more Google will rank your pages up in search result.  Contribution: As a matter of fact, the more votes of confidence your website gets through the links, the more Google takes your page high up in search results. 

The focus on backlink building should be central in any strategy if you want to improve your search rankings.

Increase Referral Traffic

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Such backlinks create referral traffic coming from other sites. You earn backlinks from relevant sites where from, a fresh organic traffic source is tapped in.

By doing so, you provide a path for your readers to visit other sites. Those links will make readers click on them and checkout your site as new traffic leads.

Such kind of referral visitors are through backlinks convert better as they come pre-qualified for the same reason. Visitors immediately become familiar with you when your content is linked by a site they trust, making them open to action.

Quality referring traffic is attained through leveraging of authoritative, niche sites. Good targeted backlinks will point only to visitors, who will be really interested in what you have on offer.

Reinforce Relevance and Trust


Inbound link buildup serves to validate that your site is indeed relevant to a particular set of keywords and topic of interest. Backlinks are seen by Google as endorsements in regard to your content.

Getting good links from reputable marketing websites tells Google that your website is all about providing high quality information on emailing tips.

In essence, links serve as citations meant to back up the focus of your website. The links that point to you indicate the subject matter of your content. This assists Google in organizing your site accordingly.

Trust is also acquired by links. Google aims at surfacing the most dependable results in response to searches performed by searchers. Getting such back links from at least ten well known industry sites will make Google consider your site to be a reputable authority worthy of having a high rank.

Improve Brand Visibility and Authority


Brand exposure, domain authority, and other things are also influenced by noticeable backlinks from other popular sites. The brands with high levels of trust have an upper hand when it comes to their positions on SERPs.

These high-profile backlinks function as endorsements for your site. Acquiring links from top media sites and industry publications instantly raises brand awareness and creates trustworthiness.

It immediately makes your brand visible among new audiences due to its association with authority sites. This enlarges your brand presence and impact.

Backlinks point and domain authority shows Google that people trust you and your brand. In this way, your site will be ranked higher than most of its other competitors with good on-page SEO.

It goes without saying that you need to develop a robust strategy of backlinks in order to improve your website’s position in search engines and attract more natural visitors.

How to Build Backlinks?

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Now that we’ve covered why backlinks matter, let’s explore some of the top tactics for acquiring backlinks in 2023:

Create Link-Worthy Content

Generating quality backlinks starts with good content that has relevance to the targeted users. In essence, providing readers with valuable, meaningful, and intriguing information is sure to receive links and share.

Strive to develop material that other people can cite and pass on, as well as return to. For instance, a very linkable document would be an annual report containing industry statistics and trends.

Perform keyword research to find out what your target audience wants to know or search for, and give them an answer in detail. Provide answers for their most pressing needs that are more reliable than any existing source of information.

Provide distinctive value by way of original data studies, elaborate how-to guides, thoughtful expert opinions, etc. Don’t just recycle existing ideas.

Share your content across blogs, social networks, emails, and public relations outlets. You must ensure that others can find your content easily and that they are able to link to it.

Reach Out to Industry Influencers

Connect with some main sites and primary writers in your sector. Consider writing a guest post with the inclusion of a return link back to your site.

Ensure that you personalized outreach – explain why you like their works and how they may benefit through your guest post in relation to their audience. Convince through social evidence that shows your competence.

This helps influencers in providing their followers with high-quality content from reputable sources. Do not focus your outreach on what you want; but, instead, show your audience why it is in their best interest.

Establishing legitimate connections with influencers without resorting to fake practices is not an easy task. Be patient, consistent, and helpful. With time you might be accepted as a regular and trusted contributor.

Become a Guest Author on The Industry Leader.

guest blogging

Take advantage of chances to appear as a guest expert. Some other strategies include securing backlinks through reporter outreach and HARO pitches.

Track and link current affairs news topics to your areas of competence. Share your thoughts about industry matters.

Ensure that your bio has some keyword optimization with a website backlink. Credibility and trustworthiness are derived from media characteristics.

Blindly pitching each outlet will not work aggressively. Look for media opportunities that allow your point of view to be unique and newsworthy in relation to their audience.

Promote Your Content

This involves actively promoting your content after publishing it to get backlinks. Advertise in your network using social media and emails.

Relevant online communities like Reddit and Quora are great for sharing your content. Engage in discussions and organically work in links to your articles when appropriate.

Interact genuinely and provide value for each community. Avoid overly self-promotional behavior that feels spammy. Read the rules before participating.

Promotional tactics should focus on getting your content in front of the right people. Target communities and influencers who will find your content relevant, not just the largest channels.

Utilize Competitor Backlink Opportunities

know your competitors

Study where your competitors are getting backlinks from by using a tool like Ahrefs. Identify which of those sites you may also have an opportunity to earn links from.

For example, if they are getting links from roundup posts in your industry, create your own updated, more comprehensive roundup and pitch it to the same publishers.

A competitor backlink analysis will uncover link prospects you may have overlooked. You can produce better content for the same opportunities.

Just make sure not to duplicate your competitor’s efforts entirely. Put your own unique spin on content that makes sense for your brand.

 Provide Resources and Assets


Develop free tools, calculators, guides, templates, checklists, and other resources to give away on your site. These “link bait” assets will attract links and mentions.

For example, an SEO audit template or social media image sizes checklist can provide value to your audience. Just make sure useful resources are prominently linked from your content.

Turn your most popular blog posts and guides into a lead magnet by putting them behind an email gate. Visitors exchange their contact info for access to your resource.

Initiate Link Reclamation

If you see broken links from previously published content, reach out to site owners and offer to provide an updated or replacement resource to fix the broken link. It’s an opportunity to get an additional link.

Link reclamation should be an ongoing effort as websites continuously change and update content. Don’t just fix broken links from your own site – look for them on other reputable sites as well.

Once a month, use a tool like Screaming Frog to crawl competitor and industry-related sites and identify dead links. Reach out and ask if they need help fixing them.

 Refresh Old Content

Take evergreen, aging content and refresh it for 2023. Then re-promote and pitch it to secure updated backlinks from new mentions.

For example, update your content audit checklist, industry forecast post, or list of tips for the new year. Pitch it as the latest, greatest guide.

Updating and relaunching evergreen content annually gives you a backlink boost while also keeping your site content fresh. It’s a win-win.

Create Link-Worthy Assets

Develop resources and tools that other sites will be eager to share and link to. These could include online tools, research reports, guides, quizzes, assessments and more.

Ideally, resources should be gated with an email subscription or social share. That way, you gain an audience lead for every site that links to your tool.

Guest on Relevant Podcasts


Podcast interviews provide a valuable way to share your expertise while securing a backlink. Take advantage of podcast guest opportunities in your industry.

Make sure the podcast host includes your bio, company details and a link back to your website. Follow up to ensure it gets added into the show notes.

Being featured on established podcasts expands your brand visibility similar to other media appearances. Plus, podcasts have exceptionally high domain authority which passes lots of link equity.

Volunteer Your Expertise

Offer to volunteer your specialized skills for a local non-profit or community organization. Secure a backlink in return on their site.

For example, an SEO agency could offer to optimize the site of a local charity for free. A marketing consultant could work with a non-profit to improve their outreach.

Giving back to charities that align with your brand values is a great way to make connections that lead to high-quality backlinks.

Write Reviews

Write detailed, helpful reviews related to your industry on sites like Yelp. Include a link back to your website in your reviewer bio.

Positive local reviews also boost credibility for potential customers. Just make sure to disclose your affiliation transparently.

Join Forums and Communities

Actively participate in relevant online communities and forums. Add a link to your website in your forum profile signature.

Helpful, knowledgeable contributions establish your expertise. As respected members, forum profiles often appear in search results.

Submit News and Announcements

Distribute press releases, news announcements, and new content releases through PR distribution services. Some will allow backlinks so use this to promote major announcements.

Post new content in industry-specific media and press aggregators. Make sure a link back to your site is included.

Provide Testimonials and Case Studies


When another company asks you for a testimonial or to be featured as a case study, always include a link back as part of the opportunity.

Helping an industry partner or vendor benefits your own SEO. Provide proof of your expertise through their website.

Build an Affiliate Program

Launch an affiliate program where industry partners can share special discount codes for your products/services and earn a commission on conversions.

Affiliates will spread links with custom tracking codes across the web to promote your offers to new audiences. Expand your program with relevant partners.


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