How Much is a Digital Marketer Paid in Kenya?

How Much is a Digital Marketer Paid in Kenya?

The demand for digital marketing and data analytics is increasing. Companies’ digital potential has been enhanced by massive E-commerce growth and online services.

Digital transformation is the underlying trends in all organizations, public and private.

This aims to transform and modernize processes and ways of working in order to make digital a development model aimed at better selling, better services, innovation, and value creation. 

However, in order to do so, young digital talent must be recruited.

Digital marketing covers a wide variety of professions, functions and sectors of activity. 

Here are the main six positions.

Digital Project Manager

In essence, the digital project manager is a generalist who works at the intersection of project management and team management. 

He is in charge of the launch or production of a digital initiative that spans multiple realities, such as the launch or update of an online platform, the development of a mobile application, the updating of a website, the development of a digital strategy or an e-commerce site, and so on.

The digital project manager is in charge of the budget, the schedule, and the specifications during all major stages of production. 

It is frequently the primary point of contact for customers (internal or external). He oversees project documentation and coordination with multidisciplinary teams (graphic designers, web designers, programmers, integrators, photographers, videographers, writers, etc.)

The digital project manager is frequently found in an agency; he is also present to transform the company from the inside with a company or an organization of any size and across all sectors of activity.

The average salary for a Digital Project Manager in Kenya is KSh 2,927,745 per year. (Source Payscale.com)

Community Manager/ Social Media Manager

He is on the front lines of social media! He is the person in charge of publishing, moderating, and coordinating all of a brand’s social activities on social media. 

In the absence of a brand content manager, he can also create or contribute to content development. 

He interacts with an organization’s community. And he works to avoid the dreaded negative buzz, while regularly feeding a brand’s digital life according to a defined editorial line.

The average salary for a Social Media Manager is KSh 283,242 per year in Kenya. (Source Payscale.com)

SEO Manager

SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Optimization for Search Engines) refers to all of the techniques used to improve a website’s position on search engine results pages.

The SEO Manager’s goal is to ensure that his company’s website is well placed in search results in order to attract as many customers as possible. 

The job’s difficulty: search engine algorithms are constantly changing and can have an impact on strategies, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

This is why this profile must stay current on market developments. A site that is optimized for smartphones and in sync with the user experience is essential for good referencing (UX).

It is the role of the SEO manager to imagine suitable and customizable content to offer the best experience to consumers but also to robots (AI) and in particular those of Google.

The average salary for a SEO Manager is KSh 345,000 per year in Kenya. (Source Payscale.com)

CRM Project Manager

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Manager is an expert in data and customer relations. 

Its primary goal is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

To accomplish this, he must implement strategic tools to increase conversion rates and satisfy customers. It implements GDPR-compliant strategies to facilitate the collection of useful data (General Data Protection Regulation). 

He assists with customer relationship management and commercial prospecting to optimize the sales funnel in the context of an online purchase.

A CRM tool is the heart of the digital project. He is the one who centralizes all of the key data that, when used correctly, generates value. As a result, the project manager can create, correct, or update a CRM project.

It is a cross-functional function that requires knowledge of the user experience, customer relations, and data mastery.

 He can collaborate with salespeople, marketers, supply chain managers, customer service managers, and data scientists.

The average salary for the CRM Project Manager in Kenya is KSh 1,356,000 per year. (Source Payscale.com)

Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is an expert in data analysis and comprehension. It is one of the professions that arose as a result of Big Data.

Companies in all industries now have massive amounts of data thanks to the rise of social networks, e-commerce, and the Internet.

 This information could be about their customers, products, performance, market, or competition.

The Data Analyst, usually a graduate of a business or engineering school, controls, analyzes, and makes data speak.

He is responsible for the company’s ability to make informed decisions based on reliable information, whether in terms of strategy, sales, or marketing.

He structures and consolidates information by performing cross-checks, cross-checks, and in-depth analyses on millions or billions of pieces of data.

The data scientist is a fundamental lever of digital marketing. He or she is an expert in information systems and internal flows.

The average salary for a Data Scientist is KSh 985,269 per year in Kenya. (Source Payscale.com)

Brand Content Manager / Content Manager

The Brand Content Manager is in charge of a brand’s media content, specifically managing publications on communication channels (website, blog, social networks, etc.).

The brand content manager, who is both a technology enthusiast and a talented writer, creates content to promote a brand online. 

This content can be as simple as a blog post or as complex as a project that incorporates animations, photos, videos, and virtual reality. 

The brand content manager, a fusion of high-tech, journalism, marketing, and design, can evolve into an agency by then working for different clients or with the advertiser, most often in large organizations with a strong online presence and a full marketing service.

 The brand content manager, a storytelling expert, enjoys testing, discovering, and experimenting with new tools and learn from new internet trends.

The average salary for a Data Scientist is KSh 600,000 per year in Kenya. (Source Payscale.com)

Variables Affecting the Salary of a Marketing Specialist

Your salary can depend on many variables, mainly:

  • Area of ​​specialization.
  • Experience.
  • Responsibilities.
  • Your success stories.
  • Contracting company.
  • National or international market.

These are some of the variables that can affect your salary.

If you are a job holder, your employer may give you a salary that is higher than the average marketer salary, below average, or in line with the current industry average.

It is therefore important to know the prevailing salaries in this market so that you can determine if you are being paid fairly based on your area of ​​expertise, responsibilities and experience.

Or, if you’re just starting out as a freelance marketer, you can find out how much to charge for your services as a marketer, given how highly valued this discipline is in today’s business marketplace (and the world, in general).

Tips for a successful job search

 If you want to increase your chances of finding a good job where you can put your marketing skills to good use, check out these additional tips:

  • Constantly learn: Marketing is constantly changing, so you need to keep up to date with new trends and learn useful skills.
  • Presenting a resume to match: As a marketer, you have creative and persuasive skills that you must demonstrate in your resume. Do not hide them, they are crucial to capture the attention of the recruiter and bring you closer to obtaining the position.
  • Work on your personal brand: your best project is your personal brand, build it successfully and show it to the world, it is your greatest achievement, the one that can open the doors to great and important professional opportunities.
  • Network: surround yourself with professionals in your sector, create your own network of contacts and use it to your advantage to find good job offers.

Marketing is one of the highest paying professions due to its undeniable and growing relevance to businesses, regardless of size or activity. So always show off your work by getting a salary that matches your experience and skills.

What tools should a Digital Marketing Manager know how to use?

Today we rely on the world of Big Data when there is an important decision to take concerning the achievement of set objectives.

 In order to be able to decipher and translate this large amount of data into concrete actions, it becomes essential to know the best Analytics tools and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) , starting from the implementation phase up to the installation within the website. 

This information is then integrated with Digital Advertising, Social Analytics, Social Sentiment, Web Reputation, Social Media Listening tools.

An important component is represented by the mastery of dedicated platforms for the personalized creation of email campaigns, follow ups, text messages, push notifications (in the case in which an app is present), also in a one-to-one perspective based on the behavior of the user within the website, e-commerce or on social media.

Data that automatically integrates with the data warehouse and customer service systems. In fact, it is nice to think that targeted communication reaches not only the historical customer, but also the virtual supporter of the brand page.

You also need to know the CMS (Content Management System) as a tool for managing content within the website.

What type of company does a Digital Marketing Manager work in and which of them do the most job offers come from?

A digital marketing manager works in two types of realities: the first is medium-large companies, typically multinationals with hundreds if not thousands of employees. 

In this case he supervises and coordinates a team of other professionals working in the different areas.

 In this case he is a connecting figure: he is the one who defines the strategies, supervises the work of internal and external interlocutors and evaluates the results, he is the one who directs everything. 

The second hypothesis, on the other hand, is that the digital marketing manager is increasingly establishing itself even in small and medium-sized enterprises. 

That is, those companies for which digital has in any case become or is becoming a key customer acquisition lever, but in which there are very few resources to be able to have more people dealing with digital.

On the other hand, however, the company still needs to use both the web, social networks and ecommerce, and therefore in fact a digital marketing manager is in fact a web marketing manager who has to do a bit of everything within a small reality where maybe it’s just him, rather than him plus 2 other maximum 3 people.

How to become a Digital Marketer?

 Steps to becoming a digital marketer

  • Learn the basics of digital marketing.
  • Work as an SEO expert.
  • Mastering PPC advertising.
  • Develop social media marketing skills.
  • Implement content marketing campaigns.
  • Find out how email marketing works.
  • Develop team management skills.
  • Learn how to use data analysis/reporting tools.

Can I be a digital marketer without a degree? Yes, you don’t need a specific college degree to get a job in digital marketing. 

However, when you look at job postings for digital marketers, you’ll likely find that many require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree.


In such an appealing (because it is a gold mine of potential job opportunities) but delicate environment, the Digital Marketing Manager must be able to take care of the relationship with customers and potential customers, managing the relationship  between the customers and the company.


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